Real Estate Photography Pricing - Jeremy Dunman Photography

For standard real estate listings, usage is limited to MLS, flyers, home magazines, etc. for one year. Includes 1-2 hours shooting, editing, and delivery. I shoot all properties "as-is" -- I don't clean, stage, wash dishes, or make beds, so the house should be ready-to-go on the day of the shoot.

Photography Services

Beautiful photography showing the home as natural as possible, emphasizing the space, and not the photographic technique.

• 15 Photos: $140 Up to 15 daylight interior and exterior photos. Plan on about an hour of shoot time at the property.

• 25 Photos: $199 Up to 25 daylight interior and exterior photos. Plan on about 1-1.5 hours of shoot time at the property.

• 35 Photos: $235 Up to 35 daylight interior and exterior photos. Plan on about 1.5-2 hours of shoot time at the property.

• Twilight Photos: $120 3-5 exterior photos shot at twilight. 

Commercial Photography

For commercial marketing images (those that will be used for ongoing advertising with websites, brochures, etc.), please contact me for pricing customized for your intended use.

Terms & Conditions At the Shoot:

All properties are shot "as-is." Your input is important when choosing the best rooms and angles to photograph. Absent your input, the I'll use my best judgment and experience to decide how best to photograph the property.

• Delivery: I deliver photos digitally within 24 hours of the shoot. All images will meet a minimum resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels, usable for both internet and print (for print sizes up to 8” x 10”.)

• Rights & Usage: All images produced for the agent or broker [client] may be used by the client for any and all marketing materials and campaigns associated with the property and the client's self-promotion. Ownership of the photos remains with me [photographer] and license to use the photos is granted only to the client, and not to any third party. Any usage by any third party including designers, stagers, builders, homeowners, etc. is prohibited without written permission from photographer.

• Cancellations: $75 fee for cancelling or rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to inclement weather, though.

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