2016 -May -Photographing Katelyn - Jeremy Dunman Photography

A few weeks ago now I was introduced to a young lady who certainly knows how to be comfortable in front of a camera regardless of the situations presented.

Our first session was a group shoot with a handful of other photographers that resulted in some amazing images being captured as this Little Miss Teen Greater Auburn showed why she had won that title so well. 

Immediately after delivering the first images to her we started talking about some ideas that I had been mulling around with for a while and set a date and a location and went to work on making it happen. As seems to be my way I invited along a couple of newer photographers to join in the experience and help them with various techniques and concepts and some general camaraderie.

The resulting images are nothing less than stunning and the whole experience was an amazing one that I look forward to reliving again in the future. Thank you Katelyn for your time and effort and for braving the elements as we worked through theses shots


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