Desire_ Exhibition - Jeremy Dunman Photography

Several months back I was approached by Kenny Gray of the Rankin Arts Center to see if I was interested in exhibiting some of my photographs. Sounds easy enough, but with Kenny nothing is ever easy. His concept was for 10 different local photographers to all work with one model and show the variety of talent that she possessed. Now, this was more like Kenny a challenge that I quickly accepted. So several months went by with all of us fighting for time with our model, the talented, Desire Downs and finally everything was shot, images edited and submissions made. Opening night was something very different for me since I haven’t ever had an exhibition quite like this one. But it was a big hit and a great time was had by all. I want to take a moment to thank Kenny Gray for the invitation, Desire Downs for freezing to make these images and my parents for attending and of course I want to thank my son Logan for being there for Daddy’s big night. 

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